If you’re going to call attention to your sign, you may want to make sure everything is spelled and punctuated correctly. (See supplys instead of supplies and the location of the period.)



Check, please!

Being cute with words has become a trend in our society (think Toys R Us and Shop Rite), but I’m not sure “chekd” is so cute.


Another small problem

Bilger’s Rocks is a great place for families who like the outdoors.  You can climb over, under, and between these enormous rocks in western PA.  There’s a small problem, however.  The sign on the left is correct, but the green street sign on the right shows that the rock is getting a little too possessive for his own good.  If anything, the apostrophe should go after the s in rocks.  

Remember your manners!

Most of us were reminded countless times to say “please” and “thank you” as we were growing up.  Apparently, the owners of this store are continuing the training.  The only problem is the sign doesn’t tell us whom to thank. . . .

Excel at what you do!

Excellence at something usually means you do it extremely well.  However, something doesn’t sit right with me when a company brags about their excellence, but cannot spell something they do correctly (see vanitys?)  If they cannot even spell it right, can they do a good job on it?

Free of what?

Gluten is quickly becoming an ingredient that some people are eliminating from their diet.  The business in this photo is trying to promote something positive, yet I’m not sure what it’s like to be glutten free. 

Remember a rat.

The errors are a little hard to see today, but there are multiple ones.  Two of them grabbed my attention, because it’s the same error made twice.  The word separated is spelled wrong on the website this photo came from.  It’s easy to remember the spelling when you realize there’s a rat in the middle of separate.  (Kind of gross to think about, but it works!)

A pet problem

We saw this sign in a local restaurant, and I had to take a picture, even though the manager was looking at me funny.  Pets are great, but they need to be allowed, not allow (or not, as this sign is requesting).

Biscuits for hire?

One of my favorite fast food restaurants displayed this sign last week.  The steak biscuits and potatoes are for hire?  Now before you start calling me picky, there is another error, too.  An extra i jumped into the hiring process.  (There’s also a missing dollar sign, but I won’t mention that in case I come across as very picky!)

Such a deal!

I saw this error online the other day, and it made me laugh.  While this is not a grammar error, it definitely is a proofreading error.  Would you buy something that advertises a now price that’s greater than a was price?